Doctor Who, season 8 & 9

As with any new Doctor, I wasn’t sure how Peter Capaldi was going to embody such an enigmatic over the top figure, but I should not have worried, as he carried off the Doctor’s sense of madness, adventure and pain so fittingly well. We also bid adieu to the Impossible Girl, Clara, but in such a way that even though we know she dies, she still lives on in that moment between her second-last and final heartbeat. Plus, now that she has a TARDIS of her own, will we see them cross paths in the future? The second last episode of season 9 was a particularly painful one, as we see the Doctor relive his pain – emotional and physical – over hundreds of billions of years. In this almost one-person-only episode, the Doctor confesses his secrets which eventually becomes a mechanism containing his final confessions to be opened when he dies – a mechanism we come across for the first time many episodes earlier. Questions were answered throughout the series, lose ends tied up, although the final episode certainly leaves us with the desire, pull and a little sadness for the future seasons of Doctor Who.

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