Dear Me: More Letters to My Sixteen-Year-Old Self by Joseph Galliano

What would you say if you could write a letter to your 16-year-old self? Dear Me: More Letters to My Sixteen-Year-Old Self, edited by Joseph Galliano with contributions from the likes of Hugh Jackman, Jodi Picoult, Stephen King, James Franco and many more, posits this question. Some answer with humour, others with a note of warning, and more than a few with a tinge of regret. If anything, I was quite surprised by the number of people who told their younger selves not to experiment with drugs.

It’s a good book, I reckon, not just for those lamenting on their youth, but also those who are still able to checkbox that age group. Be they sixteen, a little older or a few years younger, maybe they’ll be able to pick up a lesson or two or three.

Now, what would I tell my 16 year old self?

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