DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, season 1

This year I’m also reviewing¬†series I’ve watched but have not yet ended, starting with DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. This is largely because I move through series quite slowly, and since the list is always very short in contrast to my reads and movies list, I thought, why not? I am quite a fan of the superhero genre and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow¬†puts together the characters that have been mostly around the fringes in shows like Arrow and The Flash. It starts a little cheesy, but the cast, characters and storyline settles in after awhile and becomes quite enjoyable, with bits of humour injected at mostly the right time. “This is not my first prison break,” uttered by Snark aka Wentworth Miller aka the actor who was in Prison Break might not be a funny line it itself, but it’s hilarious if you get it. I must say that there’s quite a big Doctor Who vibe around this series – like Doctor Who with superheroes in it. While there are no Time Lords, there are Time Masters, the way Gideon travels through time (and space), the music, and, of course, the British accent. And then that bit right at the end of season 1, when another familiar face makes an appearance, well, I’ll let you watch it for yourself.

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