Day of the Dead by Neil Gaiman

Day of the Dead by Neil Gaiman is actually a script for the series Babylon 5. I’ve never actually watched Babylon 5 aside from a few random passing glances many, many years ago, so I admittedly have no context as to the who, what, when, why or how, except that it’s sci-fi and takes place somewhere out there in the fictional universe.

Despite that, I still enjoyed reading the script and the occurrences of the Day of the Dead. I don’t know if the tone of the story follows a typical Babylon 5 episode, but there was certainly something Gaiman-ly about it, of not ghosts or the undead but the actual dead visiting you, in the ‘flesh’ for a few hours. And, well, what happens to Babylon 5 during the Day of the Dead.

Does it make me curious to watch Babylon 5 though? Maybe just this episode. But considering the length of my to-watch list, I won’t go out of my way to look for it just yet.

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