Bridget Jones’s Baby (2016)

Bridget is back in Bridget Jones’s Baby as a 43-year old successful tv producer who has finally reached her ideal weight. She bumps into Mr Darcy at the funeral for the missing-assumed-dead Daniel, and things are awkwardly formal between them. Then she gets duped into going to a concert festival where Bridget and her friend hilariously assumes Ed Sheeran to be some random bloke backstage, and a drunk Bridget accidentally falls into bed with the very American Jack. One week later at her niece’s Christening, she ends up in bed with Mark Darcy. Then some weeks go by and Bridget is pregnant and she has no idea who the father is.

Hilarity ensues as she tries to figure out how to tell her two blokes that either of them could be the father, both enthusiastically taking on the role when she tells them individually. Eventually they find out and attempt to do things together, and the contrasts between the two men become super apparent. And even though Jack is always there, sweet and super supportive, Mark still holds a truly special place in her heart.

So who’s her baby daddy? And will Bridget eventually get what she truly wants? Go watch it to find out. Classic Bridget Jones.

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