Baywatch (2017)

Let’s face it, you don’t watch Baywatch expecting it to be brilliant. In fact, you don’t even watch it for the action-packed storyline.

You watch Baywatch for the barely there swimsuits, boobs and hot bods. And this movie clearly delivered on all fronts.

Personally, I am glad this movie went the comedic route as opposed to trying to follow in the more drama-action footsteps of its namesake TV series. Sure, it was silly at lots of parts, but that’s what they went for anyway. There were quite a few laughs, painful moments, and the not so cameo cameos. Plus the Rock, I mean Mitch Buchannon, taking a jab at High School Musical while name calling Matt Brody.

And truth be told if there was anything I didn’t like, it was Zac Efron’s wayyyy too developed body. I found it kind of disturbing! But other than that, I mean, seriously, it’s just some mindless fun, which is absolutely necessary every once in awhile.

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