Adventures in the Dream Trade by Neil Gaiman

I bought Neil Gaiman’s humble bundle off some deal he was having about two years back. There’s quite a lot of titles in the pack and as usual I’m pacing myself by not reading them all in one go. I also decided to start in alphabetical order since that’s how they’re ordered in my folder.

Adventures in the Dream Trade is a mixed bag of reviews Gaiman has written for other people, lyrics, as well as several blog entries spanning 100+ pages on the publishing of American Gods. This seemed coincidentally timely to read what with the tv series coming out and all. I also found this portion of the collection most interesting, especially reading the amount of hard work that continues to take place AFTER the book has been written and submitted to the publishers – the editing, the publicity, the book signing tours. And then there’s the entry from September 11 – yes, THAT 9/11 – as well the passing of Douglas Adams.

All in all, a very interesting collection, definitely worth reading by any Neil Gaiman fan who wants to read beyond his fictional work.

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