What I Do

I am a self-professed busy bee. Here’s some quick links to what I do:

ALL THE Ns . shop . facebook . instagram
My handmade brand of lots of cool fun things from cord bracelets to polymer clay marble bowls and more. My paper goods and tiles are also here too and we’re working really hard to develop a coherent collection alongside our usual mix of goodies.

KARYA LABS . www . facebook . twitter
This is my nine to five, although my hours are a little more flexible than that. Karya Labs is a creative design studio, so we do a mix of graphic design, logos, websites, copywriting, social media management and suchlike. We’re currently revamping our website, so check out our facebook page for some samples of our work.

FJN ASSOCIATES . www . facebook
Sometimes I do weddings or decorate events. Our hantarans are the best in the business if you don’t mine us tooting our own horn 😉 See our facebook page for pictures of what we’ve done to date. We promise you – no cookie cutter decorations!

ME . instagram
My other online presence. I’m also on facebook, but that’s a personal page meant for friends and people I personally know.