100 Things To Know

If you feel the need to know a little bit more about myself, here are 100 general knowledge items I don’t mind sharing. There might be a quiz at some point. Or maybe not.

  1. My favourite colour is moody blue.
  2. I like to read books in the order I buy them. Exceptions include travel books and series, which I prefer to space ten books apart so I pace myself.
  3. To me, the most important part of any lasagne is the bechamel sauce.
  4. I believe in eating clean, especially at home. I do indulge when I’m out and during the occasional takeaways.
  5. I don’t drink or smoke or do drugs.
  6. I don’t like to eat cucumbers or broccoli, but they’re great in cold pressed juices!
  7. If I’m not crafting while I’m watching tv, I feel as if I’m wasting time.
  8. My education at a glance – Villamaria, Sekolah Sri Petaling, Assunta, Kolej Damansara Utama, Murdoch University.
  9. I am a Taurean and a horse.
  10. I am also proudly stubborn.
  11. I don’t wear make-up, dresses or skirts.
  12. I would love to be a half-decent snowboarder.
  13. My favouritest book ever is Neil Gaiman’s Stardust.
  14. My current favourite shoe brand is Toms.
  15. I once climbed Mt Kinabalu with my Canon EOS 5d MkII. I will not be doing that again. Next time, if there ever is one, I’m taking a smaller, lighter camera! However, I do not regret my decision because I got some fantastic shots!
  16. If I had to move to another city I’d love to live in New York.
  17. If Canon developed a super lightweight and small F/1.8 16-300mm macro L lens I would save up to buy it.
  18. My first (and so far only) car is a Kelisa. His name is Biggie.
  19. I can’t decide what my favourite movie should be, but I love visual films and arthouse movies.
  20. My theme song is Green Day’s Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life).
  21. Sometimes I wish I thought of taking photography or interior design or book binding or forestry at university instead of Mass Communication.
  22. My favourite photographic subject is padlocks. Especially on weather-worn doors or grills.
  23. I didn’t make a single grammatical or spelling mistake for my 20,000 word Honours thesis. My professor was quite impressed.
  24. In a battle between chocolate and cheese, I would choose cheese.
  25. My favourite cheese is Margaret River’s Triple Cream Brie. It’s like eating velvet!
  26. I like my hot chocolate American style – rich and chocolatey.
  27. I truly believe Malaysia has the best Milo and Maggi.
  28. I heart snail mail, but I don’t write letters often enough.
  29. I like my steak medium.
  30. I can’t say no to onion rings. Unless it’s really bad.
  31. My favouritest fruit ever is the mangosteen.
  32. My macbook pro is called Arthur. My first mbp somehow grew a dent in it a couple of weeks after I got it, so I named it after Arthur Dent from A Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams. It also happens to be my great-grandfather’s name, Arthur Walter Danker.
  33. I love walks and hikes outdoors.
  34. While I can deal with most manners of creepy crawlies, I do not like leeches or snails. I do like escargot however!
  35. I have banned myself from buying more notebooks unless they’re incredibly cool (which is a once a year occurrence at most) because I have too many that I still have not used. People still keep buying them for me though!
  36. I love petai and tempoyak.
  37. My first (and so far only) digital SLR is the Canon EOS 5d MkII. I waited til the ‘perfect’ dslr came out before I made the switch.
  38. I like my eggs with the yolk runny. And if they’re scrambled they’ve got to be wet.
  39. I love the smell of coffee, but sadly I can’t drink it and don’t quite like how it tastes. However, I do like local or vietnamese coffee when served sweet with condensed milk!
  40. It will take me over a year to finish reading all the books on my to-read bookshelf. This, however, is a never ending process as I keep buying more books!
  41. I’m pretty good at semiotics.
  42. I am 1/4 Malay, 1/4 Japanese and 1/2 Eurasian (as in Serani).
  43. I believe Malaysia should learn to celebrate our diversity instead of perceiving it as a weakness. It’s our differences that make our country the incredible melting pot it is.
  44. I think Nugatti is better than Nutella.
  45. The best way to eat chicken rice is with the rice swimming in a bowl of soup, mixed in with shredded roast chicken and lettuce.
  46. I like to use my pens one at a time. I make sure the ink has run out before I move on to another. This helps me keep my stationery drawer neat.
  47. You know those security bar code stickers you can find inside books? I like to peel them off and stick them on my pin board.
  48. My bedroom walls are moody blue.
  49. I like buying socks. But I’ve stopped because I don’t have any more space in my sock drawer for new ones!
  50. My most favourite temple in Siem Reap is Ta Phrom, also known as the Tomb Raider temple. I just love how nature has completely taken over the temple grounds and how incredibly peaceful it feels.
  51. If I had to live with a view of either the city, the sea or the forest, I would choose the forest.
  52. I used to have a spoiled guinea pig called Mojo. He is sadly missed 🙁
  53. Two olive-back sunbirds occasionally live on my balcony. I call them tweedledum and tweedledee.
  54. I’m a fairly light sleeper.
  55. I’d rather type than talk.
  56. My favourite sashimi is uni (sea urchin) and amaebi (sweet prawn).
  57. And a few years ago I discovered the joys of eating Japanese curry. Yum!
  58. My morning before-I-get-out-of-bed routine consists of: checking my messages, checking facebook, instagram, and (maybe) some rounds of candy crush.
  59. I like asam laksa flavour Maggi the best.
  60. My aunt gave me her stamp collection, which was given to her by my grandmum. While I continue to collect stamps, I have not sorted them out in a long time.
  61. I went for the Beijing Paralympic Games in 2008, and the London Paralympic Games in 2012.
  62. I prefer using handmade soaps over mass produced ones.
  63. I’m not much of a snacker, but I love those sotong bakar/kering with gula snacks.
  64. My favourite way to eat yoghurt is with curry!
  65. The best concert I’ve been to so far is Bruno Mars, followed closely by Green Day.
  66. I wish Jodeci would get back together and release a new album! (Update: OMG they did!)
  67. I consider myself lucky to have seen Michael Jackson perform live during his concert in Kuala Lumpur oh so many years ago.
  68. My sister gifted me my first ever music cassette for my birthday. The album? New Kids On The Block. Hangin’ Tough.
  69. In NYC, I saw an NYPD cop in a Dunkin’ Donuts, a guy with a comb stuck inside his massive ‘fro and a dude with his jeans hanging off his ass. The cliches are real!
  70. Tripadvisor is my bible when booking hotels anywhere. I prefer afffordable, interesting or quirky, no less than 4* rated hotels over pricey global chain hotels. And if I’m there for a decent stretch, I check out AirBnB.
  71. One day I would like to stay in a W hotel.
  72. I think the Six Feet Under series finale is one of the best I’ve ever seen.
  73. I like doing the laundry, but I’m not so big on ironing. I still do it though, it just takes me forever to get around to it.
  74. Somewhere in my bedroom, a plastic Smurf is having a stand-off against a blue rubber hippopotamus.
  75. I am truly grateful to the inventor of fitted sheets.
  76. My bed must always be clean and neat before I sleep in it.
  77. I love gloomy mornings and rainy drizzly days.
  78. My favourite kind of architectural style? Industrial.
  79. My personal recipe for Maggi – put uncooked noodles in a small pot, dump the soup seasoning in the same pot, fill the water until it almost touches the top of the noodles. Set the fire on medium and boil the noodles til it’s soft, then crack an egg into the boiling noodles and stir to curdle and cook the egg. Remove the pot from heat. Crack another egg into a bowl. Pour the just-cooked noodles into the bowl. Sometimes I like to add a bit of salt fish pickle, pickled vegetables or garlic vinegar for a little kick. Eat without breaking the yolk, which will be eaten last!
  80. My current favourite ice cream is The Last Polka’s salted gula melaka.
  81. I got my shoulder-length super frizzy hair chopped off in high school, and I’ve kept it short every since.
  82. In 2011, I decided to watch every single movie nominated for the Oscars. I did pretty well and managed to watch almost everything except for three or four documentaries that I just could not find.
  83. Blinking strobe lights make me dizzy.
  84. I always wake up with some random song in my head.
  85. My dreams are often wayyyyy out there. I’ve often thought about penning some of them down, but whenever I attempt to recall them, they’re just too disjointed to make any sense.
  86. I used to have a geocities website!
  87. And I used to hang out on irc. My regular chatrooms were #bmx and #singapore.
  88. I don’t fancy or watch football, except during the FIFA World Cup. I cheer for Argentina.
  89. Other sporting events I am a big fan of are the Olympics, Winter Olympics and their Paralympic counterparts. I used to be really into the X-Games, and probably still would be, but I have not watched it for a very long time.
  90. I am proud to be Malaysian.
  91. I like both my physical and virtual desktop to be clean, neat and organized.
  92. I love swimming, but I’d take a 50m length pool any day over a short lap pool.
  93. If I had heaps of money, chances of me spending it on outdoor gear are much higher than branded handbags, shoes or jewelry.
  94. Pret A Manger’s brownies are one of the best on earth!
  95. I have not bought a phone for myself for quite a long time. My past three blackberries and one iPhone have all been gifted.
  96. My school houses were Hang Tuah (blue) in SSP, and Hermine (yellow) in Assunta.
  97. I used to be in the choir! I was also in the Red Crescent, St John’s, Interact and Photography Club. I wasn’t really active in any of them.
  98. I hardly ever take naps during the day (unless I’m beyond exhausted or ill).
  99. Aside from foot reflexology, shoulder rubs and head massages at the hairdresser, I don’t want strangers massaging any other part of me!
  100. I once ate cooked goat’s testicles. It tasted like chicken gizzard.

Updated 25 June 2016.

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