999 Art Works by SCALA

I get the feeling that books like 999 Art Works was put together strictly for the purposes of selling them as generic gifts. While it was interesting to put an image to a piece of art I read about recently, and to come across a few pieces I’ve seen before and/or recognised, ultimately it seemed to be lacking in sharing more significant pieces. There’s also a lot of focus on European art, with a mention on North American art, and then it just sorts of add in other parts of the world as an afterthought, focusing primarily on sculptures.

The information shared about the different periods or focus artists is also average at best. While I’m not expecting an in-depth analysis, something a bit more intelligent than 15 words would add legitimacy to the publication. There isn’t even really an intro on why these specific pieces were selected, so one gets the feeling they just used whichever artwork they could get permission for. Definitely a weaker series compared to the 501 Must See, Read, etc compilation.

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